Free Weekly and Monthly Horoscope Archives
Weekly and Monthly Horoscope Archives

A horoscope or a birth chart takes shape right at the time of a person’s birth and if compiled by an expert holds an accurate and detailed account of the native’s situation at every stage of his or her life. The basis of this astrological blue print is the planetary position of the celestial planets that prevails at the time of the birth.

Every week, month and year we publish a comprehensive astrological reading for every moon sign. This is of immense benefit to not just curious beginners but also to seasoned astrology experts. If you missed your reading you can very well access the same in our Archives.

Like the saying goes ‘if you don’t know your past you cannot determine your future’!

Our astrological horoscope services also include an archive where you can view a weekly, monthly and yearly reading of a specific week, month or year in the past. For eg if you have had a great week recently or even one where your efforts were thwarted you can click on the specific date to view what had been specially forecasted or predicted for the same.

This service provides you an insight on the time past. By using the archives you can also identify a set pattern keeping in mind the events etc that had been foretold.

For your current horoscope weekly, monthly and/or yearly reading please click here.

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