Aries Yearly Horoscope

Aries Yearly Horoscope 2017

Aries yearly horoscope, Saturn’s Dhaiyya will dominate Aries from the beginning of the year 2017 and will be prominent till the 25th of January and then again from the 21st of June till the 25th of October 2017. Due to this you will go through a lot of struggle, face complications, obstacles and issues & experience a lack of satisfaction. You will have to work very hard to achieve financial gain and success. Health wise please take care of all issues related to your joints, lower abdomen & Male/Female health. From 1st Jan 2017 till the 19th of Jan 2017 Mars will be in transit in the 11th house of Aquarius with Venus and Ketu. This positioning will offer you quite a few financial opportunities but the final outcome will depend on your handling of the situation. From the 20th of January 2017 till the 1st of March, Mars will be in transit in your 12th House Pisces along with Venus due to which you will incur fruitless expenditure. However at the same time your hard work will be rewarded. Please look after all health related issues with blood. From 1st of March till the 12th of April 2017 the lord planet of your horoscope Mars will be positioned in your lagana Aries which will cause a rise in wisdom, creativity, influence, vision, drive and motivation. You will have some very unique achievements be successful. With your own efforts you will be able to resolve a lot of your problems and complications. From 13th of April till the 14th of May, Sun will be in transit in Aries which is quite a unique position

This exalted Sun will reward your efforts with dignified success, results and achievements. Please watch your actions and temper. From 13th of April till the 26th of May 2017 due to your lord planet Mars being in transit in your 2nd house you got to watch your word of speech, conduct and dealing. Most of your efforts will be rewarded. From 26th May till 10th July 2017 Mars will be in your 3rd house Gemini but Saturn will be placed in your 7th house due to which you got to be wary of cheating, deception, conflict and theft. You will be quite active and creative. With the help of your efforts you will be able to achieve success. You will be travelling around quite a bit. From 11th July till 26th Aug 2017 Mars is placed in your 4th House Cancer due to which you will have to be very careful regarding all family related arguments and conflicts. At times your peace of mind and personal happiness might be missing. You will face a few obstacles and also some financial losses. Do take care of your family atmosphere and the health of your partner. Please refrain from expressing temper. From 27th Aug till 12th Oct 2017 Mars is in your 5th House LEO due to which a lot of your well thought out and dynamic efforts will be rewarded. Your struggle will bring you a unique level of success and prosperity. However your tension, stress and over excitation can spoil your peace of mind.

There will be delays, obstacles and challenges but please ensure that you always maintain a strong and firm approach. From the 12th of Sept till the End of the Year 2017 Jupiter is in your 7th House LIBRA which means that your marriage window is now open and the time is ripe to achieve name, fame and recognition. There will be a rise in your contacts and financial opportunities. From 13th Oct till the 29th of Nov 2017 Mars will be in your 6th House Virgo due to which you will be brave, confident and a trouble shooter. There will be a few issues linked with your flow of income but you will be fine. You will be able to overcome your complications and issues. Please take care of all health related issues regarding your lower abdomen. From 17th Oct till the 15th of Nov 2017 Sun will be in your 7th House LIBRA due to so you will go through some struggle despite which you will be successful. Beware of any issues regarding a joint venture and complications regarding your relationship. Do take care of all health issues related to your lower abdomen. From 29th Nov till the end of 2017 your lord planet Mars will be in LIBRA wherein you got to look after your relationship and any joint venture that you might be involved in. You also will have to watch your word of speech and temper. Health wise do take care of your Lower Abdomen. There will be rise in your status and prestige.

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Aries Horoscope in 2017
General View

Like Odysseus your coming year 2017 is a quest for new adventures, new experiences and developing new abilities to deal with them. Events will happen to you suddenly without any forewarning. Your Success will increase with the passage of time. At times in this coming year 2017 your goals will suffer delays or even undergo profound transformations. You will need to overcome many obstacles, delays, obstacles and tricky situations. You could have a hard time making your dreams and hopes come true. Some scandal, mishap, death in the family, financial loss, defeat in a competition or election, illness, career setback etc. could serve to derail the plans you had formulated.


You are a lucky person and good fortune will smile at you if you learn to slow down your pace, consolidate your gains and strategize with a long term perspective. Nature has bestowed you with success and wealth although your fortunes will fluctuate. Good luck will favour you and the credit of your good actions will be carried over. You do need to be on a constant lookout for new resources. Opportunities will also seek you out and literally be presented to you. You have generally speaking good luck especially when it comes to communication, connections, and short term activities. This year 2017 will give you well-being and good fortune, both material and spiritual. You are blessed with principles, good deeds, honesty and family happiness. Sometimes a display of anger could be required on your side to move things along. Be conscious of moral values because unethical actions in your career could be your fall.

Aries Education Horoscope
Learning and Education

You are a logical thinker and are constantly engaged in educational or research projects. You will have to refresh your vision & actions and organise your time, energy and studies. If your educational background is that of IT, law, Graphic Designing or Software designing then the results can be quite good. Your education could prove to be a troublesome area for you and you could be worried over it being somewhat inadequate. It could be hard for you to complete your higher education and even if you manage to do it the process will be quite irritating and annoying. In this year gaining higher education may be a source of suffering for you.


You may feel frustrated when you pursue a higher education, and you may feel unjustly criticized by your teacher and mentor. Generally speaking you tend to worry a lot. Sometimes you misunderstand what others are talking about and you could also be quite confused and make wrong judgments. At times, you may have a tendency to become anxious, depressed and lonely. You may feel very isolated which may not be what you want. You may suffer from emotional insecurity, humiliation, melancholy, gloom, and despondency.


You could have some inner fears and phobias that cause you to feel a sense of vulnerability. Sometimes it may feel as if your hopes have been destroyed and you go through a period of agony, but usually they will remerge in a new form better suited to your actual capabilities. You have a sharp intelligence and are very capable of penetrating obscure or hard to get knowledge.

Aries Personality
Through your skill you will meet success in your undertakings. You may gain a profound understanding of many of the ailments and irritations that plague people in general. The ability to deal effectively in social life will bring about fulfilment of your goals. You are good at making other people comfortable, and developing a group dynamic where different interests are served.


You have an ability to understand the fine details of what is right and wrong. You are good at research and in investigative activities. You have a high skill in the domains of art, music, drama, film, and a knowledge of the scriptures. There could also be a Healing skill displayed in you maybe as a massage therapist, physical therapist or even as a surgeon.


You may have an ability to make medicinal substances, healing potions or working with chemicals. You have artistic abilities. As a hobby, you may engage in music, drawing, painting, or textile designing.
Aries Health Horoscope
You may experience some draining of your vital life force. You are likely to suffer from psychological problems, accidents while travelling, lung diseases, and hip or back ailments that could involve pain in the hips, thighs, and legs. You can be anxious and physically ailing. Your throat may become dry. There may be poor circulation in the lower legs that could cause some swelling of tissue and veins. Your digestive power may be somewhat sluggish and low. Your sensitive digestion and acidity related ailments might trouble you.


There may be some complex stomach related problems. You may have liver or allergy problems. You are liable to diseases of the reproductive organs, low fertility, hormonal imbalance, skin problems, and possibly emotional starvation. You may have some problems with your feet at times. You should be cautious to avoid the possibility of a water related accident. You should be careful while boating.
Aries Love Horoscope
Romance and Love Life
You are sought after by the opposite sex and enjoy many friendships & relationships. You are fascinated by the opposite sex and do whatever you can to observe them unnoticed. Romance may uplift your soul. Relationships will improve significantly over time in this coming year and you would like to indulge in some playful romantic adventures. You can be fickle solely because of your ardent enthusiasm that knows no caution. You will have a high libido. You have low virility and can be asexual.


Your marriage relationship goes through highs and lows. Your desires and his/hers are many times at odds. Marriage will bring you prosperity. Both you and your spouse attract money without much effort. A partnership, or your spouse, will be instrumental in your financial success. Your spouse may have a positive impact on your growth, progress, opportunities, and ensuring a smooth cash flow. If you are single then after 12th Sept 2017 your marriage window is going to open & you will get a good-looking spouse.


Your spouse will be glamorous, attractive and a person of substance. Your partner devotes himself/herself to maintaining a satisfying marriage. You have a loving spouse. Your spouse is loving, congenial and lives in harmony with you. Your partner attends carefully to social obligations.

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Social Life
Most of your friends are of the opposite sex. You may have protégés or students or just younger friends who look to you for guidance. You may have spiritual or scientific friends. You will also have eccentric or spiritual friends. Amongst the people you typically associate with, there are some very dynamic and strong individuals. You tend to associate with people who have good taste and appreciate comforts. Many of the people you associate with may possess artistic talents. A person may act as your friend while working against you behind your back. Maintaining deep friendships can be problematic as your life is quite busy.


You are surrounded by beautiful, successful people – more women than male friends. You can befriend anyone with ease. In business you like to work as part of a team, and you are popular with your associates. Your enemies may spread wicked stories about you and small-minded people may even believe them. Your opponents may lack a power base or home or location from which to work. You have formidable enemies and may encounter swindlers, cheats or thieves. You can benefit from competitive situations. Litigation might come out successfully, as you often are able to overcome competitors and opponents. You have many ways to overcome enemies. A female will be instrumental to fulfil an important desire in your life. You are liked by foreigners.
Business, Profession and Career
In this coming year 2017 you will be aspiring, democratic, reserved, chaste, prudent and self-controlled. All your general needs will be fulfilled, partly because you want them so badly. You could be widely acclaimed for your efficiency in work. You have strong goals, and it feels as if life is moving toward a climax as you work on your intended results. In this coming year 2017 you are aiming for a wide audience for your work. You can do very well in work connected to machinery or technical operations. If your professions involves medicine, psychology, military, police, criminal courts, working with transportation industry then this year will bring unique results.


If you are a merchant, trader or businessman pharmacist or chemist, manufacturing, mechanical engineer and medical professional then you will have to be careful. You are fit for a type of work that involves skill, knowledge or ability. You will produce excellent results as a surgeon. You will have an entrepreneurial spirit, eager to take advantage of opportunities. You will flourish well in partnership with friends and siblings. You may be disruptive to organizations as you can be a maverick or rebel. Aries in the year 2017 you will be very entrepreneurial and always land on your feet financially. You may have some problems with your employers and your worldly position may suffer because of your superiors. If you are in a position of an employer, you might have to face disloyal or incompetent employees. The thing to guard against is getting into conflicts with your own employees, co-workers and associates. You will do well in any responsible position in which you have to deal with the general public. You have a strong feeling for others’ values and can be an excellent consultant, psychologist or counselor.


You are well-off, with fascinating and talented friends. You will have a great deal of popularity, getting to know affluent people who help you in your ventures ideas and projects. In this coming time of the year 2017 you may become successful career-wise specially after 27th JAN 2017 and then after Sept / Oct 2017. You will succeed financially in business and establish yourself in a comfortable position. You will be able to utilize opportunities presented by influential people and gain in the process.

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Property Investment
If you are buying any property then ensure that the door of your property should face the East or North for best results. You look to your friends for ideas about income sources. You are likely to gain well financially from your partnerships. An inheritance may come to you. You may get windfall profits from unexpected sources, such as from unclaimed lands, properties lost to taxes, or tax refunds. You will be blessed with the required resources when you need them. Your financial sense is good as you are keen on detecting good opportunities for prosperity and due to this you will gain a good income.


There is a smooth flow of cash, and people in power are supportive of your business. You have a good ability to earn money and can make a considerably large income. Beautiful opportunities will present themselves and you will benefit from them financially. Profits come fairly easily to you. You acquire valuable possessions both material and informational and also share them with your friends. Your ambition and perseverance could make you a lot of money. However your financial resources may be a source of profound vulnerability on your part. There will be situations were money is made quite quickly, but you may have to scramble for it or even go through litigation. There may be loss of opportunities and money. You can make money in computers, electronics or as a Graphic Designer or Legal consultant. Money can also be made from business related to Food, Fashion, beauty, Child care & arts, or things that provide comforts.


You frequently make plans to get a money making project and your efforts are towards gaining more income. Whatever idea you seize you have a good chance to make a go of it and accumulate lots of money. You may invest in land and property. You may renovate or remodel a building or land that has a connection to sacred or holy ground. Investments in the field of real estate are not likely to be profitable before Oct 2017. You will spend money on training regimens, medical treatments, and also on litigation. You can overspend on overheads in business. You may incur debts but please don’t be careless with money and details such as balancing your check book. Please refrain from gambling or making any risky investments.
Aries Lucky Points

Aries most important sentence for the year 2017 :— I am.
Aries biggest asset/strength for the year 2017 :– Courage.
Aries biggest weakness for the year 2017 :– Rushed/Hurried Behaviour.
Aries Ambition for the year 2017 :– Leadership.
Aries Lucky Days for the year 2017 :– Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.
Aries unlucky Day for the year 2017 :— Saturday.
Aries Lucky Colours for the year 2017 :– Golden, White & Red.
Aries Unlucky Colour for the year 2017 :– Navy Blue.
Aries Lucky Precious Stone for the year 2017 :– Fine quality Golden Yellow Sapphire set in a gold square pendant around your neck.
Aries Millionaire facing direction for buying any property for the year 2017:—North & East facing properties.
Aries Unlucky Direction facing for the property for the year 2017 :- — South-West.

Aries Precautions for 2017

Refrain from being too angry or overly soft and instead maintain a balanced attitude;
Don’t donate Milk and never pour milk on a Shivling;
Please always respect your mother and your aunts;
Refrain from consuming Alcohol, Sea food, Eggs and Non Vegetarian Food.
Stay away from thieves, thugs and Bad Company;
Refrain from selling any parental property.
Never ever keep any kind of Tabeez, Rakh and Bhoobuti;
Do take care of your presentation;
Refrain from accepting or buying any electrical or electronic Goods, steel appliances & navy blue garments and also refrain from doing any extension work in your house like wiring, roofing etc.

Complications for Aries

You might face relationship related complications and issues. At times your personal happiness and comforts might be missing.
If you are a student then do take care of your education and be more focused, driven and devoted.
If you are a lady and would like to conceive a baby then you got to be extra careful.
Your enemies will back stab you and play silly games and even lay traps around you.
Beware of legal complications, fine, penalty and punishments.
Health wise do take care of all issues related to your lower abdomen, chest and any kind of sharp pain in the lower part of your abdomen.
There might be deficit of trust in your relationship.
People will try to cheat you, take you for a ride, deceive you and badly let you down.
Beware of financial losses due to risky investments and business ventures.

Chanting of the Year
Om Meditation

Chanting 1 for Medicinal Cure and Effects

”Aum Shrim Hrim Klim Aing Vajjara-Vairrochaniyya Hum Hum Phutt Savvaahha”
Requirement :— Jug of water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– Night Time after 10pm
Direction facing :– South-West
Time for chanting :– 48 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Chanting 2 for achieving Rise and Boost

”Aum Hrim Grineh Suraya Aditaya Shrim Aum”
Requirement :– Jug of Water
Assan :– Mixed coloured Blanket
Time :– Between 4Am- 6:45Am
Direction facing :– East
Time for chanting :– 48 minutes – 96 minutes – 144 minutes

Tasks of the Year

Please bury 8kg Black Salt in the ground on Saturday morning between the hours of 4:30am-6:30am on 8 Saturdays;
Please donate 6kg Haldi Powder to a temple langar on 9 Thursdays;
Please dump 5kg Dry whole coconuts on Wednesday in the deepest lake you can access for 2-12 Wednesdays;
Please put a Silver Argla (Stripe) under your door step;
Please wrap 1100 gram black Sesame seeds in a worn pure woollen jumper and keep it in your bedroom at a height above yours or at the highest point in your residence;
Please keep honey in a clay pot and place it in the South-East Direction of your Residence;
Please keep river water in a brass ghaggar and place it in the North-west direction in your residence;
Please pierce your left nostril on a Wednesday and wear a white metal stud for 43 days and then remove it and flow in a fast flowing river.
Please ensure that no other task is undertaken during these 43 days and observe this rule with a strict discipline;
Please either keep a black dog as a pet in your house or donate chicken based dog food to a dog home on a regular basis;
Please wear a Silver square piece around your neck in a silver chain;
Place an activated silver Ganapati on a Ganapati yantra in your house;
Please keep activated fine silver grains in a yantra box.

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