Capricorn Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope from 21st August to 27th August 2017

Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly HoroscopeCapricorn weekly horoscope this week, profession will be quite mediocre and will need determination from your side to be invested. You will come across challenges, major obstacles, delays, time wastage, technical issues but please don’t give up and accept it as a test of your fibre.
At times you could be disappointed and double minded but please go with the flow and try to motivate yourself. Please be careful regarding your decisions and choices and refresh your vision. Refrain from doubting yourself. Beware of people flattering you and avoid leading them on.
Don’t waste your money and refrain from gambling and any kind of a risky investment. Your expenditure could be high but income low. Please avoid buying into any kind of a money making scheme and stay focused and on track.

Tasks for the week

Donate 2kg haldi, 2kg or 6kg ghee to a temple langar; wear a copper coin around your neck in a silver chain; wear a golden yellow sapphire around your neck in a gold chain; mix 8kg gur and 8kg whole moong dal and flow in a fast moving river; flow 7kg gur and revariyaan in a fast moving river; bury 1100gm black salt in the ground on Saturday morning; feed 8kg barley to the birds.

Precautions for the week

Watch your word of speech; honour and try not be in a confused state of mind.

Chanting for the week

Krim krim krim, Hum hum hum, Harim harim harim, Dakshinekalike dakshinekalike dakshinekalike!



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