Leo Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope from 20th February to 26th February 2017

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly HoroscopeLeo horoscope this week, you will invest a lot of professional effort but the expected financial gain will come after some delay and time. Your expenditure will be quite high. There will be some happy occasions at home and you could be involved in a deal related to car or property and also in a huge financial plan.
Your determination and hard work will bring you success. Health wise please look after all issues related to your lower abdomen, blood, urine, eyesight and heaviness in the head. Please refrain from wasting time and effort on fruitless activities and don’t be lazy or expect others to do your work for you.
In your marriage relationship please don’t display any arrogance or ego or it will lead to spoiling the same and causing more problems.

Tasks for the week

Donate sugar and 7kg Gur to a temple langar; wear a solid silver piece in a silver chain around your neck; bury 500gm black salt in the ground on Saturday morning.

Precautions for the week

Please refrain from all kinds of fights and conflicts.

Chanting for the week

Krim krim krim, Hum hum hum, Harim harim harim, Dakshinekalike dakshinekalike dakshinekalike!


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