Pisces Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope for 16th January 2016 to 22nd January 2017

Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly HoroscopePisces weekly horoscope this week, Saturn is positioned prominently and there will be a lot of mingling with a number of people who will be powerful and professional. Around the 20th and 21st this contact will offer you some dignified professional opportunities and there will be status, prestige etc for you.
All your official tasks will now be completed and life will be more comfortable with increased prosperity. You will gain financially with the help of your colleagues, family members and parents.
The position of Rahu in your 8th house will cause a lot of fluctuations regarding your finances and health. As long as you are engaged and positive you will be fine but please watch your drive and step. After the 20th of January you will be overly excited but don’t get carried away.

Tasks for the week

[sociallocker id=”12119″]Take a copper coin and after piercing its middle wear it around your neck in a silver chain; flow 8kg rice in a fast flowing river; feed 8kg barley to the birds; bury 1100gm black salt in the ground on Saturday morning; donate a mixed colour woollen blanket, money and bananas to a religious priest; donate 6kg rice to a temple langar; bury 12 blue flowers in the ground on Friday evening; wear a silver and a gold piece around your neck in a chain; wear a saffron tilak on your forehead.

Precautions for the week

[sociallocker id=”12119″]Watch your decisions and avoid all shortcuts.[/sociallocker]

Chanting for the week

[sociallocker id=”12119″]Aum Shree Ramaye Namah.[/sociallocker]


Horoscope Video

Pisces Weekly Horoscope Video

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