Scorpio Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope from 27th March to 2nd April 2017

Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly HoroscopeScorpio weekly horoscope this week, there will be a lot of contact with powerful and professional people whose support and encouragement will be there for you. You will be able to resolve a lot of issues with the help of your drive and vision.
There will be excitation and confidence and drive there this week. Carry on working hard and avoid any slacking or short cuts and you will achieve professional prosperity.
Saturn in your 2nd house could slow you down from time to time but as long as you are determined, focused and disciplined you will be a part of the solution. At times you will need money which you will either arrange as a loan or borrow from friends etc.

Tasks for the week

Wear a copper coin around your neck in a silver chain; bury 5 blue flowers in the ground on Friday evening; donate 11kg rice to a religious priest in a temple; bury 2kg black salt in the ground on Saturday morning; feed 10kg barley to the birds.

Precautions for the week

Watch your word of speech, conduct and decisions.

Chanting for the week

Aum Aing Harim Shrim Klim Hasso Jagat Parsutaye Namah!



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