Taurus Monthly Horoscope
Monthly Horoscope for November 2017

Monthly Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus monthly horoscope this month, you got to be very careful regarding your conduct and dealing. You got to be creative, active and dynamic. People will test your fibre and at the same time your support and peace of mind could be missing. Please avoid conflict, be creative and always think with a long term perspective.
You will come across a romantic opportunity which is fine if you are single but if married then you got to stay within your limits or it will end in a scandal that will linger on forever! You don’t need any personal conflict or scandal at this point or you could pay a huge price.
Please try and develop strong relationships professionally. If you cross the line then you will be mentally tense and have secret tensions. There will be professional opportunities for you but please refrain from relying on others. You got to find your own way and not expect too much from others. Create your own opportunity, work hard and refresh your vision.

Tasks for the month

Donate whole meal atta, whole moong dal, chana dal to a temple langar; bury 800gm black salt in the ground on Saturday morning; flow 12kg rice in a fast moving river; donate 12kg rice to a temple langar.

Precautions for the month

Refrain from adopting a stubborn attitude and being aggressive or scandalous.

Chanting for the month

Aum Halareem Baglamukhi Sarvdushtanam Vacham Mukham Padham Sthambaye Jivankialye Buddhimvinashahe Halareem Swaha!

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