Taurus Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope from 20th February to 26th February 2017

Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly HoroscopeTaurus weekly horoscope this week, Bhrispati’s sight 9th aspect will be on your lagana and 7th on the 11th and 5th aspect on your on your 9th house. Due to this you will be quite creative, active, dynamic and will achieve a rise in your name, fame and status. Powerful professional people and decision makers will approach you for your counsel.
You will earn enough income and your performance will get you position, name and fame. The support you need will be there for you. You will get what you want but at the same time please avoid fighting with anyone personally and professionally
Don’t get into any kind of a dispute with higher authorities, family members etc or it will lead to nothing good for you. It is essential for your success to steer clear of all conflicts.

Tasks for the week

Donate 7kg rice and 5kg chana dal to a temple langar; keep honey in a mud utensil at home; feed 4kg barley to the birds; donate money to a local blind school; bury 800gm black salt in the ground on Saturday morning.

Precautions for the week

Avoid all conflicts, fight s and arguments; please don’t display any out of character behaviour; watch your diet.

Chanting for the week

Aum Shrim Harim Strim Hum Phut!



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