Virgo Monthly Horoscope
Monthly Horoscope for December 2017

Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo monthly horoscope this month, after the 3rd of December Mercury will be retrograde due to which there will be a decay in your income and prosperity. Hard work and efforts will be there but the expected gain could be missing. You will however have the support of professional people due to which there will be some financial gain and prosperity along with financial and professional opportunities.
You could be involved in a deal linked to car or property. If you are involved in a Joint Venture it will give you financial gain and resources. After the 23rd of December Mercury will be back to normal due to which your profession will be better and vision will be quite unique.
Your conduct also will be back on track but between the time period of 3-23 you got to stand by and expect your fibre to be tested. Health wise please look after all issues related to your digestive system, lower abdomen and peace of mind. No matter what please don’t over react and stay calm.

Tasks for the month

Donate 8kg rice to a temple langar; bury 400gm black salt in the ground on Saturday morning; flow 4kg Gur in a fast moving river; feed 11kg barley to the birds; bury 12 blue flowers in the ground on Friday evening.

Precautions for the month

Refrain from intoxicants and non veg food; avoid foul behaviour.

Chanting for the month

Aum Gum Ganapate Namah!

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