Jupiters Effect

Jupiter’s Transit and its effect from 14th July 2015 to 11th August 2016


Jupiter is the symbol of wisdom, ability, skill, education, art, craft and happiness. It also governs marriage, birth of child and the legal profession. In this universe Saturn belongs to earth while knowledge of this earth and beyond belongs to Jupiter. All professionals are governed and lead by Jupiter, no matter what you do if you earn your living through a skill Jupiter is the single most governing influence.

Offerings to Jupiter include Chana dal, haldi powder, besan, gold, yellow silky cloth and golden yellow sapphire. The auspicious time for Jupiter is from sunrise and the most prominent house for Jupiter is the 9th house. It is quite favourable when present in the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th house while un-favourable in the 6th , 7th , 8th and 10th. In the 6th house Jupiter will influence the native to feel let down and hurt while in the 7th matrimonial relations won’t be there and in the 8th the native’s relation with his father won’t be there in the long term and in the 10th house Jupiter will create major professional obstacles for the native. Jupiter’s enemy planets are Mercury and Rahu.

Venus is not very friendly but can’t be considered an enemy. Rahu when placed with Jupiter destroys its effect and a resultant combination called Chandal Dosh is created which brings about financial ruin, health issues and problems with parents. Sun, Mars, Ketu and Moon are friendly towards Jupiter and in fact when Ketu is placed with Jupiter it gives rise to spiritual knowledge and could even enable the native to become a religious leader. With Saturn, Jupiter is quite neutral. Jupiter is highly exalted in Cancer and almost nullified in Capricorn.

On 14-07-2015 at 06:25:25 am IST, the mighty and benevolent planet Jupiter started its journey or transit through the Sun-ruled Zodiac Sign Leo. Jupiter has left its sign of exaltation, Cancer to enter Leo, where this planet of higher learning and generosity shall continue its transit till 12-08-2016.

When Jupiter is transiting through Leo, it is known as the Singhast Guru, as per the Vedic system of Astrology. Further, as per the Vedic astrology scriptures, it is believed that the Singhast Guru, which shall continue during 14.07.2015 to 12.08.2016, is not a favourable time for performing any auspicious activity, and/or religious ceremony. The exact details and effect can however be found only after an expert assessment of your individual kundli by an able practitioner of Astrology.

Karma and Action are the cornerstones of Indian Astrology and also the foundation for Jupiter. It has been further divided as Sanchit Karma (Our deeds in our previous lives); Prarabhdh karma (Partly influenced by Sanchint Karma and deals with the consequences of our past deeds in our present life); Kriyaman Karma (Our present day actions and deeds) and Agami Karma (The future that we are sowing the seeds for)

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